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Microfume® Slurry

50% dry aqueous suspension of Microfume®. This product has a bulk density of about 1400 kg/m3.

We recommend using Microfume® Slurry in fibre cements and High Performance Concrete where its fineness and purity is beneficial.

We are confident that we can satisfy your unique Microfume requirements. Just contact us to discuss them.

Microfume Hydraulic Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Analysis* EN 13263-1,2 Typical Frequency
SiOâ‚‚ (%) Min. 85 Min. 94.8 Weekly
Free Si (%) Max. 0.4 0.12 Monthly
Free CaO (%) Max. 1.0 < 0.1** Weekly
SO₃ (%) Max. 2.0 0.21 Weekly
Naâ‚‚O eq (%) To report 0.50 Weekly
CI (%) Max. 0.3 0.01 Monthly
Loss on ignition
(at 950C during 1h)(%)
Max. 4.0 1.8 Weekly
Specific surface
(BET) (m²/g)
15 – 35 22.5 Monthly
Activity Index
at 28 days
Min. 100 110 Monthly
Bulk density

1380 Daily
Dry mass
variation (± %)
Max 2.0 0.9 Weekly
Dry extract (%)
50.5 Daily
Viscosity at
trs/min (cps)

50 Daily

** % by weight of dry mass *** Lower limit detection

In silo-tanker.

Store Microfume Slurry in a silo-tanker with an agitation system.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request.

Fibre cements. High Performance Concretes.


Quality Control
Complies with the ISO 9001 norm and EN 13263-1,2 norm.

Complies with the ISO 14001 norm.

Complies with the OHSAS 18001 norm.